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Seven Herbs, Plants as Teachers (1987)
Vitalism, The History of Herbalism, Homeopathy, and Flower Essences, originally entitled The Magical Staff (1993)
The Book of Herbal Wisdom (1998)
The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism (2004)
The Earthwise Herbal, Books 1 and 2 (2008, 2009)

The Earthwise Herbal, A Complete Guide to Old World Medicinal Plants

Noted herbalist Matthew Wood brings twenty-five years of clinical experience to this comprehensive book on medicinal plants. The first in a two-book set, The Earthwise Herbal profiles Old World plants (book two treats American plants). Organized alphabetically, the book encompasses all of the major—and many of the secondary—herbs of traditional and modern Western herbalism. Author Wood describes characteristic symptoms and conditions in which each plant has proved useful in the clinic, often illustrated with appropriate case histories. In addition, he takes a historical view based on his extensive study of ancient and traditional herbal literature. Written in an easy, engaging, non-technical style, The Earthwise Herbal offers insight into the “logic” of the plant: how it works, in what areas of the body it works, how it has been used in the past, what its pharmacological constituents indicate about its use, and how all these different factors hang together to produce a portrait of the plant as a whole entity. Ideal for beginners, serious students, or advanced practitioners, The Earthwise Herbal is also useful for homeopaths and flower essence practitioners as it bridges these fields in its treatment of herbal medicines.

The Earthwise Herbal, A Complete Guide to New World Medicinal Plants

The Earthwwise Herbal has been published in two books: not volumes one and two, but two companions that supplement one another. The first to appear was a volume on medicinal plants of the Old World used in traditional Western herbalism. The second complements and completes the set by covering herbs of North American origin. In the introductory chapters of each volume, I have supplied an account of the practice of traditional Western herbalism from the European and American perspectives, respectively. Earthwise the first includes material on Greek medicine, while Earthwise the second includes medical traditions originating in North America. More in-depth discussions of these theories and practices are offered in my earlier works, Vitalism (1992) and The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism (2004).