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Matthew Wood Classes


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12/12: Southern Blood Medicine and Assessment from the Circulation

With Matthew Wood

Monday, December 12- Register now

80 8th Avenue, room 1302 – entrance on 14th St!

Southern Blood Medicine and Assessment from the Circulation

This class is intended to help students increase their assessment skills and develop their eye for differences in blood distribution. The circulation as a whole was used in traditional medicine (osteopathy, eclecticism, physiomedicalism) to assess overall conditions of the whole system, and in Southern folk medicine was used to measure slow changes in physiology and aging.

Research by Irwin Korr, DO, has demonstrated that this type of diagnosis or evaluation accurately reflects conditions and developments in the organism; in fact, each individual illness is marked by its own circulatory disturbance and needs personalized, holistic treatment. Blood can be “high” (in the head and surface; high blood pressure), “low” (legs and internal; low blood pressure; anemia),”thick” (viscous, oily, warm), “thin” (watery, cool), “fast” (rises quickly to the surface), “slow” (clotting), “good” (clean), “bad” or “toxic” (need for blood purifiers or alteratives). Indications are symptomatic, complexion, pulse, tongue.



Diagnosis from the Skin
In Naturopathic Medicine and Western Herbalism
With Matthew Wood and Tim Dymond

7:00-9:30 pm Monday November 28th
At 6:30 there will be a book signing for Matthew's new book
The Earthwise Herbal Repertory

Cost: $50

Class is held at 1199 Sanchez street (corner of 25th street). Register Now


Matthew Wood MS RH and Tim Dymond ND Present Traditional Western Herbalism and Constitutional Assessment

This 36 hour course will be presented over 3 weekends: Register now

Oct 8-9 2016, Jan 28-29 2017, April 29-30 2017

The presenters will cover a minimum of 60 herbs, as well as pulse, tongue and skin diagnosis, tissue assessment, and blood pressure evaluation to determine specific constitutional indications. This will include a detailed differentiation of the 22 pulse pairs as outlined in Matthew’s newest book, Traditional Western Herbalism and Pulse Evaluation. Online support and outside reading will be recommended. A manual will be provided for each of the sessions.

Our goal for you is to master the basic pulses, and constitutional indications for specific herbs. This information provides a whole new depth of understanding of when to use which herb for each individual! There will be both hands-on as well as structured lecture learning time presented in a more spacious venue. This class is open to all those that are interested in or practitioners of herbal knowledge.

Individual classes: $300.00/session. If you register for all 3 classes by September 2nd: $825.00 total, after that $900. Only 30 spaces available for each lecture. Register now to guarantee your space!



Shamanic Herbalism: Animal Medicines, Plant Medicines

Matthew Wood

November 19-20 - Bellingham Washinton

Time: 5PM

Register now

Closeness to Nature, animals, plants, and dreamtime are characteristics most frequently associated with the shamanic path. In this class we will learn about the three selves of the shamans: conscious, animal, and dream, and why they are so important. Then we will study medicine animals – the animals serve as the spokespersons, so to speak, of our natural self and our unconscious. As we do this we will study the corresponding medicine plants, because the most powerful plants are associated with medicine animals and we learn back and forth, from kingdom to kingdom. A few examples: bear (burdock, angelica, spikenard), elk and deer (wild bergamot and many mints, sumach, cleavers, dogwood---despite the name), rabbit (rabbit tobacco, nettle, wild yam), turtle (gravel root, boneset, oak, black walnut), wolf (agrimony, cinquefoil, true solomon’s seal), panther (valerian, catnip, chamomile, cramp bark), underwater panther/catfish (white water lily, blue flag, true and false solomon’s seal, marshmallow root, slippery elm, mucilages). We will do some introductions to local shamanic plants as well. Time permitting, we will do a plant spirit journey or two.

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“By magically changing our lives, our green friends restore physical health, psychological happiness, and spiritual purpose. A little miracle occurs and the magical level clicks in, in fact, whenever an herb cures in a real and radical way. This is a sign that something great and new has come in from a different world to enrich and develop our lives to their fullest and most beautiful potential.”
--Matthew Wood